MAMMA MIA! The Party!

This imagined and wonderfully exotic Greek taverna and its equally exotic landlord, Nikos, have been magically transferred to Sweden and when you step through the doors for the first time you’ll feel as if you’re right in the heart of a Greek island paradise! You’ll be eating great Mediterranean food, drinking, singing, dancing and “having the time of your lives” (sorry about that) in a Mamma Mia! world.

Whatever the weather outside, it’s always a beautiful, warm summer evening inside the Nikos Taverna. Oh, and did I mention that all your favourite ABBA songs are part of the experience?!

Book our hotel package and stay just a few minutes walk from Tyrol where MAMMA MIA! The Party is located.

Our package includes:

  • An overnight stay at Hotel Hasselbacken
  • Tickets for MAMMA MIA! The Party
  • An authentic three-course Mediterranean buffet (at MAMMA MIA! The Party)
  • Breakfast
  • Tickets to ABBA The Museum

Price: From 2490 SEK / person

Please note that when you book a show package with us, the show tickets are valid on the day of arrival (for example if you book a package with arrival on a Friday and departure Sunday then your show tickets are booked for Friday night).


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