The Hootchy Kootchy Resurrection Chimeras and Cyborgs

“It’s the End of The World as We Know It” October 29:th the legendary avantgarde neo-burlesque and drag club Hootchy Kootchy will rise from the past and be joined by famous artist such as Hungry, Karis Wilde, Robert Fux, Scotty the Blue Bunny among several famous names within the Swedish drag- and burlesque scene.

Hootchy Kootchy willl present itself as an oracle of possible futures to come with Jenny and Sara Wilson as the apocalyptic house band. As you might have noticed, the world – as we know it – is transforming.

Imagine yourself situated in an augmented reality Weimar era party space, surrounded by dazzling cyborgs, wildly inventive chimeras, and other curious visionaries. What would you dress up in if this was the very last night in current time? To celebrate what has been!
Or what would be the image of your future self?

In a world turned upside down, amongst digital twins, avatars, and Blade Runner Replicunts, no one will blame you for indulging in the darkest season’s most delightful extravaganza.

A cyborg is a being with both organic and technologically enhanced body parts. A chimera is a mythological creature, or an animal/human hybrid.

Dresscode: Apocalyptic Weimar Era meets Future Fashions of chimeras and cyborgs.
Start the party early and book a table in Hasselbacken restaurant from the time 7 pm.
Doors open: 9 pm
Doors close: 2.00 am

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What? A runway open for artists, designers and other participants. Your blood sweat and tears might earn you faboulus prizes.
Where? Hasselbacken Hotel
When? oktober 29th, midnight
How? Sign up below and we will let you know if you are on! (it's ok to answer in english or swedish)

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Dinner at Hasselbackens restaurant before The Hootchy Kootchy Resurrection Chimeras and Cyborgs

Hasselbacken offers delicious cuisine in a historical setting. Here, we serve classic dishes with a modern touch. Delicious Hasselback potatoes are a permanent feature on our menu, created in 1953 by one of the restaurant’s trainee chefs.

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