Covid-19 information



For us at hotel Hasselbacken is yours and our employee’s safety our highest priority. We follow the guidelines and recommendation from the local authorities and monitor the development of the corona virus Covid-19.

For you as a guest it means that we:

  • Practice good hand hygiene by regularly washing our hands with soap and hand sanitizer.
  • Regularly clean areas and surfaces that are often touch.
  • Maintain a social distance of at least 1 meter.
  • Inform about actions to prevent infection.
  • Stay home if we feel sick.

Common areas

  • Regularly clean contact areas in the front desk, in the bathrooms, in the elevator, stairs etc.
  • Regularly clean contact areas in the conference rooms, restaurant and breakfast dining halls.

Hotel room:

  • Thorough cleaning with extra focus on contact surfaces such as handles, light switches, faucet, hair dryer and remote control etc.


  • Tables, chairs and menys are cleaned regularly.
  • Only serving at the table.
  • Making sure enough distance between the different sitting groups.
  • Making sure to avoid a line of people in and outside the restaurant.

Conference & meetings:

  • Contact Surfaces on chairs, tables and other surfaces are cleaned thoroughly before and after every conference/meeting.
  • Making sure enough distance is maintained between the different participants and groups.
  • Exposed areas and surfaces are cleaned regularly during a conference. We are extra careful with example technical equipment, coffee machines, door handles or other often used contact surfaces.

If you are in Stockholm and are healthy you are welcome to check in to our hotel, come by for a glass of wine, book a dinner or order a takeaway.

Of course, we recommend you to stay home if you are in a risk group.


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