Combine business with pleasure

Who said that a conference or meeting has to be boring? At Hasselbacken we see no reason why you can’t mix business with pleasure. Why not take a break from work to play some boules, pool, or be a part of our playful pentathlon? Letting the brain rest for a minute can actually increase creativity, focus and productivity. In addition, it contributes to a better unity and can be a real mood booster, as long as you’re not a sore loser of course. With us you’ll find lots of unique, well-planned and high-class rooms for your meeting, conference, banquet or celebration. If you’re more eager to hold a meeting outdoors we have a whole garden to assist you with and a lovely terrace! We’re more than happy to help you put together a concept that meets your wishes and demands.

A warm welcome to Hasselbacken, where it’s possible to mix business with pleasure.


In this magnificent hall, the walls are adorned with large mirrors and the ceiling of stately crystal chandeliers. The warm red colour in combination with gold details gives a regal and luxurious feeling. Here is the opportunity for sessions of various kinds, cabaret but also for weddings or wedding dinners. The well-preserved wooden floor covers 227 sqm and the hall can accommodate up to 150 people.

The majestic Crown hall is also available for your upcoming wedding or wedding dinner. Take part of the romantic atmosphere in your day filled with love, together with friends and family.



Entering the spectacular and famous Hazelius hall feels like going back in time. Here, stately pillars run furthest along the hand-painted wooden roof with antique chandeliers. The light from the 240 sqm contiguous large terrace shines in through the remarkable windows. This outstanding hall of 335 sqm is perfect for balls, banquets, as well as weddings and wedding dinners. With a maximum capacity of 300 people.

Begin your marriage by saying yes to each other in the breathtaking Hazelius hall. Celebrate in the name of love together with your loved ones. Arranging your wedding or wedding dinner here will, to say the least, be a memory for life.



Princess has a fantastic light, high ceiling, elegant details and access to not only the shared balcony, but a private one as well. Depending on the arrangement the room of 35 sqm can have as many as 30 people at a time. Located on the hotel’s 3rd floor, close to the meeting rooms Lady and Prince. A room for you who are looking for that little extra for your meeting or movie session.



The half-dark interior of the meeting room Prince is nicely balanced by the natural light from the big windows towards the light courtyard. The spacious ceiling height contributes to the 35 sqm room, feeling larger and more airy. Here you’re guaranteed to find peace and productivity, regardless of your purpose. Perfect for meeting as well as movie sessions where the windows can be darkened, with capacity for a maximum of 30 people.



Here colours and shapes are combined with french windows facing Hasselbackens leafy garden and the south parts of Stockholm. The windows can be opened and lead out to a common balcony where you can enjoy your swedish fika, if the weather allows it, of course. The enormous ceiling height of 4 metres makes the room of 68 sqm feel bigger. The room is located on the 3rd floor and has a maximum capacity of 70 people with the possibility of darkening the windows if necessary.



In connection with King and Princess you’ll find Queen. Like King, the room has large french windows that face Hasselbacken’s magnificent garden and the southern parts of Stockholm. Here, too, all windows can be opened and lead to the shared balcony where you can enjoy fresh air or a coffee break. The room’s mild color gets more life thanks to the generous ceiling height and pleasant lightning. 68 sqm with the possibility of darkening windows, meetings, movie sessions for a maximum of 70 people.



With harmonious wooden details and a comfortable carpet, you can experience productivity in the Winblad meeting room. The room is 15 sqm, has a capacity for 10 people and is located on the 1st floor with indirect daylight from Hasselbacken’s light courtyard. In close proximity you will also find the rooms, Onyx and Jade as well as a large public space. Perfect for workshops, small meetings or writing on a group-essay.



Let your creativity flow within the walls of the Onyx meeting room. It has capacity for 10 people and has an environment of light wood, comfortable carpet-floor and windows with wonderful light. The room is 14 sqm and is located in close proximity to the rooms Opal and Jade as well as a large common space. Recommended for workshops, smaller meetings or writing on a group-essay.



Close by to the meeting rooms Onyx and Opal as well as the common area, you’ll find Jade. A room where the light interior walks hand in hand with the bright wood, soft carpet and daylight from the windows towards the light yard. 15 sqm big with capacity for 10 people. Ultimate for small meetings, group-essays or workshops.



If you’re looking for a lecture hall or room for movie sessions, Hasselbacken’s Tiara is perfect for you. Like a cinema, the room is sloping and offers seats for 98 people with a writing board in the armrest for everyone. The room has well-planned lightning and comfortable chairs as well as a stage with access to technology. On the same floor you will also find the rooms Jade, Ruby and Opal these can of course be combined with Tiara. Coffee can easily be served outside the room.




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